My rules are my game changers. Make your own rules and change your game.

My rules are my game changers. Make your own rules and change your game.


Everything that surround us is made by people no smarter than us. So every person should start question everything around him and make his own rules for better living. Here are mine:

Make sure you understand that you do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. A body has limitations. The soul doesn’t.

Don’t worry about bastards – karma will get them anyway. Instead – go make something thrilling happen.

Stop complaining. Complaining is a prayer to the Devil. You don’t want this. Look for what’s right. Feel it. And expand from there.

Even if there is only 0,000001% possibility something great to happen to you – choose to live exactly in this 0,000001% space.

Say thank you to everyone and everything. God sent you nothing but angels and signs for growing.

There is no original sin. There is only original blessing.

Travel lighter – pack fewer fears and hate.

See discomfort and problems as no big deal.

When you’re thinking about giving up – do it. Give up for 5 minutes. Cry if needed. Then come back stronger.

Forgive anything to anyone. Forgiveness is a way to give a second chance. But not to the person in front of you. Forgiveness is giving a second chance to yourself…to be free. Practise radical forgiveness every day.

Give to others. Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath. If it’s too tight and for too long – you are actually dying. Instead – breath out. Give fully – live fully.

Go to a worry free diet. Breakfast – gratitute. Lunch – acceptance. Dinner – instead of watching television, tell a vison about yourself. A powerful one. Then make it happen.

Get out of the pursuit of happiness and go into the happiness of pursuit. Have a vision and a plan for yourself. Persue them.

Be aware. Pay attention to yourself and the moment. Thoughts, words, emotions, reactions. Choise is a function of awareness. If you are not aware – you do not have a choise! Nor about yourself, nor about your life.

Stop hurting as an answer when someone is hurting you. Hurt people, hurts people – an endless chain, dragging us down. You can break this chain as you just stop hurting as an answer to someone hurting you. This is not a way to step back. It is a way to undertand. If you stop hurting others, the hurt will stop from itself.

Take care of yourself and build inner strenght. When an insight comes to your life if you are not strong enough to hold it – it becomes a memory. That means a piece of you died. Your power run down. You need to be prepared to hold the energy of the insights, that come to you and make them happen. So take care of yourself – eat clean, train your body, align words with actions, find people that inspire you, have fun, don’t spend to much time on wondering, doubts, complains and worries, be specific, certain, present, greatful, positive, confident, actionable. That is how you build inner strenght.

Find something to celebrate from time to time. Then go celebrate it. Louder.

Listen to you favoite music often. And dance sometimes! :)

Find ways to give every day your best. And allow „your best“ not to be perfect every day. It also needs a rest.

Learn to see chaos as a certain order.

Remember that a delay is not a denial. It only meen you need to learn something in order to handle what is comming.

Learn to question everything around you. We need to be like children asking „why, why, why“. And then asking „Are you sure?“, „How can be better?“. That is how we bend reality.

Be creator. Not consumator.

Build trust in life. Start with yourself. If you say you will do something – actually do it.

Stop pretending. Be yourself. That is the easiest way to free yourself from all unnecessary things, people, circumstances. They will be gone for good.

Let go of what is killing you, even if is killing you to let go.

Practice what you preach. If you want to gain inner consistency – not just say words, demonstrate their truth.

When something bad happen – don’t ask „Why me?“. Ask „How can I grow?“

Trust the Universe and it’s ways to autocorrect and direct us. Whenever there is a discomfort, hurt or a problem – there is an important answer lying on the other side. But in order to get the answer – you need to go through. So stop running when things get difficult.

Listen closely for your intuition voice. Don not think too much about what you hear. But act on it immediatelly.

Totally forget about the question how. This is not in our job discription. Our main job is to figure out the what.  The when is known – NOW. Do your job.

Use only kind words. Your words are roads to your mind. They shape our reality.

Get rid of doubts. Doubts are your worst enemy. Luck destroyers. If you catch yourself doubting for too long – take decision, assume that you are right and go fo it. Then you will get not a feedback. You will get feedforward and you will know how to proceed properly.

Imagine a world without worries and doubts. Only opportunities. How would you look like? What would you do? What would you say? Where would you go? Feel this world entirely. Now, when you have it – start living there.

Do not follow bullshet rules! If you feel like it stops you to live better – then this is a bullshet rule. Make your own rules – ones, that scares you a little, but excites you more to live by.

Act like rejection doesn’t matter. Ask, cry for what you want till you get it. Like a baby. Babies sometimes cry, but they always get what they want.

Be a good friend to yourself. A good friend will help you pick up the pieces when things fall apart. And they will. Be there with compassion when that happens.

And if you are wondering why the hell there is a bath on the picture of this smart blog post – the final rule for you is – do sometimes things without any rational reason. It helps to get out of your mind. Eventually. And who knows – that could be the smartest bath you’ll ever see in you life. Isn’t that amazing? :)

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